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10 Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback!

Faux Fur Rugs

Faux fur rugs were a big trend in the 70s. They faded away over time but have made a comeback, now available not only in classic colors but also in beautiful pastel shades. Real fur rugs have been replaced by pieces made from faux fur.

Faux Fur Rugs

Bar Carts

Bar carts had their heyday in the 50s but slowly faded into obscurity. Now, there is a renewed desire for these wheeled wonders, and you can find them in more and more homes.

bar carts

Light Wood Floors

Wood continues to be the most popular flooring choice. While carpeting took over in popularity from the 70s, light-colored wood floors are now making a comeback. Originally part of Scandinavian-inspired interior design styles, they are no longer strictly tied to any particular trend.

light wood floor


Boho-loving interior designers still can’t get enough of macrame, the art of knotting and weaving cords to create textiles. In the 70s, it adorned the walls of almost every home. Nowadays, you can find macramé wall hangings, plant holders, pillows, and curtains in interior design catalogs.


Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture was trendy in the 60s and has resurfaced again. It fits perfectly in homes that incorporate natural materials and complements the current popular eclectic, funky, and boho interiors.

rattan furniture

Freestanding Bathtubs

There’s nothing quite like lighting a few candles and immersing yourself in a tub of hot water, maybe with a glass of wine in hand. The time for freestanding bathtubs has come again, and more and more bathrooms are designed around these central elements.

Freestanding Bathtubs


Beige is back. Few shades can radiate tranquility like beige. Its neutrality provides a perfect base for rooms such as kitchens or guest rooms that can be accentuated with vibrant or pastel-colored accessories.



Similar to beige, brass imparts a pleasant warmth to any space. While rose gold and stainless steel have been popular for a long time, brass is gradually reclaiming its dominance in kitchens and bathrooms. Brass faucets, cabinet knobs, door handles, and any imaginable accessory can now be found in brass.


Colorful Chaos, the Creative Eclectic Style

While minimalism had the spotlight in the past decades, it is slowly fading from homes. More and more people are choosing colorful accessories, often following the principle of “the more, the better.” The essence of the eclectic style is arranging non-matching pieces in a way that ultimately exudes harmony and energy.

eclectic style

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds have come and gone throughout history, and now it seems they are making a comeback. The canopy adds a touch of softness to the bedroom, especially when combined with pastel colors. Canopy beds help create an even cozier atmosphere in the bedroom, radiating intimacy and tranquility.

canopy beads

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