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achieving goals

15 easy steps to achieve your goals

  1. Visualize your success! As accurate your vision is,as easy the journey gets. 

  2. Use positive reinforcement to avoid the negative thoughts!

  3. Get rid of the negative thoughts! In case negativity sneaks back into your mind try to overwrite it with a simple exercise like that: Instead of “ I’m not capable of doing….” use  “I do my best to reach it… “

  4. Do not jump into the absolute unknown! If you have no idea how to start something new, don’t try to be a hero! Try to get to know other successful people in your new dream field and be inspired by them and their success. 

  5. Gather people around you with positive thinking! They will encourage and inspire you. The constant complaining and negative thinking people will suck up your energy, so try to avoid them. If it’s impossible to get rid of these types of people then try to minimalis the contact time with them. 

  6. Discover the things in life that you are really interested in! If you only work for the money, it will lead to burn out very quickly. You can’t be successful in the middle of burnout.

  7. Always be realistic! Make decisions knowing your strengths and weaknesses while you pin your goals.  

  8. Always finish up what you started! Never ever leave anything half done. It will leave you half empty and creates an obstacle to reach your next level. 

  9. Never postpone things! It causes frustration and destroys motivation. 

  10. Be persistent! Success doesn’t come by itself. If you take steps persistently, you will reach your goals 100%. 

  11. Make a list! Write down your goals and add a to do list to it about the necessary tasks and steps to take to reach your goal. Split the big junks into small tasks and never take too much on your shoulder at once. 1 small step at a time. 

  12. Make yourself happy! If you feel in a bad mood then find something to cheer you up, like good music. It will give you good vibes and makes life easier. 

  13. Be confident but not over confident! Being confident helps to make decisions and complete your tasks successfully. Too much confidence could be harmful because you lose the healthy sense of judgment and could lead to failure. 

  14. Treat yourself after every small success! Something small would do, but never miss it. You should be proud of your achievements. 

  15. Have a rest from time to time! If you feel you worked hard enough all week on your goals, have a nice rest on the weekend! It will charge your batteries.

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