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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Order

Keeping your home organized may seem like a simple task, yet we often find ourselves overwhelmed with chores and lacking time for tidying up. Here are a few simple tips to make decluttering and maintaining order in your home easier.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Sentences beginning with “it might come in handy someday” always lead to the accumulation of unnecessary things. Only store items, household items or decorations that you really want to use later. If you have no idea what you will use the item for, then let it go, get rid of it. Sort out the unnecessary things to make room for the things you use every day and the things you definitely want to use in the future.

Storage boxes in all quantities

For some reason, we often underestimate the importance of storage boxes. However, if we keep everything we don’t use on a daily basis in storage boxes and label it accordingly, it’s much easier to find what we’re looking for. Moreover, storing boxes next to each other on the shelves is much easier and more space-saving than storing things without boxes.

Clean regularly

This does not mean that you scrub the house every week and clean it constantly. Instead of cleaning all the time, designate specific days to complete the tasks. For example, vacuum the house every Tuesday and sweep the kitchen and dining room every Friday. Set aside a day every second or third week for dusting, and spread the smaller tasks over the days of the week. Adjust the cushions on the sofa every morning or afternoon, and don’t put off smaller tasks that can be done in a few minutes to the next day, because this way you can avoid tasks piling up all at once.

Don't let dirty laundry pile up

The unwashed clothes insidiously pile up, so before you know it, you have more clothes waiting to be washed than you have in your wardrobe. When you have enough laundry for one load, start the washing machine. Do not pile up the clothes to be washed, because then you will realize that you will spend a whole day ironing, folding and packing the clothes.

Buy smart

When we go to our favorite home improvement store, we tend to put things in the cart that we don’t really need. When buying, always think about whether you really need another mug or the tenth tablecloth. Only buy things that you really want or can actually use, and don’t stock up on unnecessary things because it will lead to clutter and chaos from time to time.

If you follow these basic rules, you will always have order in your home without having to constantly pack unnecessary things and clean.

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