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5+1 Decoration Tips for Summer to Freshen Up Your Home

In the summer season, we all want to create a fresh and cheerful atmosphere in our homes. If you want to transform the interior and create a different atmosphere in your home, you don’t necessarily need expensive accessories or new furniture. A few small changes are often enough to achieve a completely new result. Below are some simple but fantastic home decor ideas that you can use to easily refresh the rooms of your home.

Using fresh flowers and plants

Flowers and plants not only bring beauty and freshness to your home, but also create a more natural and cheerful atmosphere. Choose brightly colored flowers such as sunflowers, daisies or hydrangeas and place a few stems in a pretty vase on the table or on top of the dresser. Get some easy-to-care-for smaller green plants and place them on your windowsill, desk, or even kitchen counter. These small green succulents look good in different parts of the house and can withstand strong sunlight near windows.


Refresh cushions and textiles

Cushions and textiles are easy to change, making them ideal for refreshing your home. Choose brightly colored or patterned cushions for the sofa and bed to brighten up the room. Replace darker and heavier fabrics with lighter and thinner textiles such as cotton or linen. Curtains, tablecloths, and even carpets can be changed. Thinner fabrics help a lot in creating a summer atmosphere, they create a light and fresh feeling.

fresh textiles

Decorative elements related to water

Decorations related to water evoke freshness and calmness. If you like a beachy feel, feel free to use blue and white colors in your home. Objects such as shells, small model ships or woven patterns reminiscent of fishing nets are excellent summer decorations. Pictures, vases or pillows with sea motifs can also significantly change the mood of the space.

water home decoratios

Create bright spaces

During the summer season, it is worth letting as much natural light into our home as possible. Replace dark window curtains with sheer curtains that let in much more sunlight. Clean the windows regularly so that there is always enough light in the room. Try to replace dark textiles with lighter ones, clean window sills of unnecessary items, and leave only small flowers or plants in the window. If you are considering painting the walls, choose lighter colors to visually increase the space and make it more spacious and comfortable.

bright spaces

Summer scents

We should not only focus on the appearance of the room, we should also pay attention to the smells. Use scented candles or natural-based air fresheners with pleasant summer scents such as citrus, mint or your scence of favorite flower to create a pleasant atmosphere.

summer scents

Cozy terrace or balcony

If your home has a terrace or balcony, don’t forget to decorate it as well. Place comfortable chairs or a garden bench on the terrace and decorate with colorful cushions and light textiles. We strongly do not recommend using yellow or light green textiles, because then all the bugs in the area will fly to the yellow pillow. 😊 If possible, get a comfortable hammock for your garden or terrace, where you can relax and read your favorite book on pleasant summer afternoons and evenings. Bring some colorful flower pots, plants and small decorations into the garden or balcony to create a really great atmosphere.


With these simple but great home decoration ideas, you can easily refresh your home and create a summer atmosphere. Remember that the secret is in the small details. Often, based on the principle of less is more, it is not necessary to smuggle a lot of new things into our home. 1-1 little things are enough to brighten up the atmosphere of the apartment. Bring cheerful colors, natural materials and refreshing scents into the apartment, and you will already like the end result. 🙂 Enjoy decorating and create a living space where you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of summer.

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