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7 Colors That Look Great on Bedroom Walls


beige wall color is typically recommended for restrained, sophisticated homes. It exudes calm, peace and intimacy in the bedroom when combined with the right colored furniture and home decoration accessories. For a clean overall look, it is worth combining with lighter pastel shades, which can appear in the colors of the furniture or even in smaller accessories, such as decorative pillows, flower vases, or alarm clocks.

Light pink

Light or pastel pink looks good on bedroom walls. It is advisable to pair it with pastel shades, but if you feel more daring, you can even use shades of gray in additional interior design elements next to the pink wall. Pink is surprisingly well complemented by ocher yellow and wood tones, but in this case, be careful not to overdo the strong colored accessories.

light pink wall in the beedroom


light pink color

Shades of Blue

Many people love the color blue, and this is because blue is known to exude calmness. Blue is the color of water, sky and calm; it symbolizes life and life energy. By using different shades of blue, you can achieve different effects in the bedroom. Darker shades convey elegance and sophistication, while lighter or almost turquoise shades bring a somewhat playful atmosphere into the space. Deep blue paired with gold creates a feeling of luxury, while light blue combined with bright colors radiates freshness and liveliness.

light blue wall in the bedroom


dark blue wall

Prestigious grey

Deep gray and light gray are not often seen on bedroom walls, but it’s still worth trying! Similar to beige, a light gray bedroom has many possibilities depending on the color of the accessories. Paired with more brightly colored accessories and furniture, the light gray wall almost fades away, while combined with pastel shades, it creates a soothing atmosphere. Like dark blue, deep gray can create a sense of luxury and elegance, but be careful not to make the furniture colors too dark, as this can make the space feel cramped.

gray wall in the bedroom


dark gray wall

Cheerful yellow

Many people shy away from yellow wall color, but the same principle applies here as with other colors: less is often more. If you want bright, energizing colors for your bedroom, yellow is the perfect choice. However, make sure that your furniture and other accessories are not too brightly colored; it is better to use pastel shades. It is worth noting that yellow has an invigorating effect, so if possible, choose lighter shades of yellow for the bedroom.

yellow wall


Brown earth colors are often chosen as the color of the bedroom walls, but it is important to choose the shade of brown carefully. Too dark brown can create an oppressive mood, so if you really want a deep brown color, consider painting only one wall in this shade, while the other walls should be painted in lighter shades. In addition to the brown wall color, we can choose dark-colored, classic-style furniture and thus create a more classic, sophisticated-style bedroom, but brown wall color paired with brightly colored accessories and furniture can also become the favorite wall color of retro style lovers.

brown wall

A versatile green

Green is perhaps one of the most frequently chosen wall colors in bedrooms, next to white. The paler shades of green symbolize nature and tranquility, but a spectacular result can also be achieved by using deeper shades. To create a fresh and lively atmosphere, combine light shades of green with light-colored furniture and accessories. If you choose a dark green or moss green wall color, be careful not to overcrowd the room with furniture and accessories, as too much furniture can make the room feel dark and oppressive. Leave enough space, let in more natural light and enjoy the power of deep green tones.

light green wall


green wall


dark green wall

Do not forget! When choosing a wall color, never listen to trends, because the most important aspect is the environment in which you feel comfortable and which color like best.

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