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7 tips for recharging your batteries – sufficient use of me time

About the importance of the time to spend on yourself has been already mentioned in one of our previous articles. Now here are some tips on how to spend it sufficiently and to switch off completely.

Prepare a face mask

There are a wide range of face masks you can choose from in shops nowadays. Although, you can make your very own natural mask which nourishes your skin while you enjoy a nice rest in your most comfortable chair or even in your bed. Brilliant recipes are available on the internet and even the making process can give you joy. A well mixed facial treat energizes, hydrates and refreshes your skin. So, while having the nicest rest of your day, your skin health is taken care of too.

Listen to music

Create a list of your favorite songs then hit the play button and lay down to relax! Make sure, you don’t bother yourself with any other business while you are in this zen mode. 



Have tea time

Get your most liked herb mix, prepare a nice hot cup of tea and sit out on the balcony to enjoy the fusion! Make sure you enjoy the fresh air and the chirping birds too and let the wind blow away the heavy weights from your shoulder. 

Have a hot long foot bath

Prepare a nice hot aromatherapy foot bath with a bath bomb or salt and relax! Hit the play button and watch a movie or listen to some music while your feet get pampered. 

Crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles can switch off your brain completely. Your mind focuses on the puzzle itself only and you forget about the problems of the World for a short period of time at least. It is a really good choice if other forms of relaxation don’t work for you. 



Light up an aromatherapy candle

Aromatherapy could be miraculous. Candles with this feature have the healing power due to its essential oils. You can buy tons of types in specific shops but it is very important that you choose one made without paraffin oil. Toxic gasses release to the air from candles with paraffin oil. Soya wax candles with natural essential oil can make the trick for a healthy relaxing session.  

Pamper up your home

Pick out one of your rooms and plan a new decoration or some changes that treat your eyes and soul. Bring in new colors, match the blankets with the cushion covers and get some small essentials to make the room even more precious. You don’t need to buy new things. Redo your old furniture and some painting here and there would do the job also.. You can find an extreme number of videos with tips on the internet. 

The main thing is that you spend your free time with activities that recharge and energize you and not with chores and to do lists. Free time is for your own good and happiness, not for problem solving.

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