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How could I tidy up the whole World?

Well, this title refers to something perhaps big for sure. Although, the answer is in no way… You don’t have to tidy the whole World, because the World might not be ready for this action. Your own World is more likely to be ready.

My experience is that the “my own World” expression needs some explanation even though it is something really easy to understand. Your own World means more than your surroundings, your loved ones around you and all the people you meet day by day. It means the actual perspective you use to see the World. It includes the most important part too which is the way you see yourself, react and interact. 

We tend to say that “ this week/month/year can’t get any worse”, but in reality, it can. Or! It can get better because we can make it better. If we feel the whole World is against us, it can easily mean that our own feelings, thoughts are the ones against us and not the World itself.

Unpredictable events will always be out there for sure and you have no power to change them despite your efforts. It doesn’t mean that these events have to determine your perspectives. 

How to make the chaos an easier place to live in?

The past two years of pandemic taught us that there is always something to be afraid of. This fear comes with crucial power in every household if it’s being welcomed. 

So, first assess all happening beyond your control then analyze what actually can be done to minimize the damage and improve your resilience. Don’t think it over as you lose valuable energy. Long lasting fear and desperation cause even more energy loss. 

Wherever we go there is always the reason for desperation. Economic and energy  crisis, food supply problems,viruses and illnesses… it comes from everywhere on every channel. Don’t let it take over your mind, be conscious and learn to filter the news. If something does not necessarily affect your life directly, try to avoid it and only focus on the important facts.  It is not really an avoidance. It is rather self protection. Otherwise you lose control over your own life and it soaks into your daily routine slowly, poisons and ruins everything. 

Find the small happiness in life every day. What are these? It can be a cute child on the way to work, the luring fragrance from your favorite bakery or any other small thing that makes your life a happier place to live in. Let this soak into your life to recharge your batteries and inspirate the positive thoughts. 



Think in a system

To make sure you are the one in charge of your own life, you need to think in a system. What you do today will have a cause effect on tomorrow so you can plan a better tomorrow today. Again there are certain things that we have no control over, but we have control over other aspects in life.  These aspects can be our hobbies, the people we spend time with, the ideas and future perspectives and goals. These affect our feelings, thinking and future plans. 

If you have the goals and list of importances then you need to be aware of the route and the wrong and good habits that can create obstacles on your way or make it easier. If you are not aware of these now then have a notebook or a “dreamboard”. Grab a pen and paper or notebook and scribble in your future plans step by step with all the importances and happy parts. Once it’s done you only have to make it real. It sounds easy and difficult at the same time. 🙂  

It is a hard job to do in reality and extremely effective. Let’s see how it needs to be done: 

  • let go the negative things what create fear and desperation 
  • let go the things you can’t change 
  • change the things you can to feel more comfortable 
  • think it through carefully and write down your thoughts and goals including the good habits and take steps to achieve them 
  • collect your bad habits and do everything to get rid of them 
  • plan the goals and the routes as well and even in tiny steps start to approach them  


If you take these steps under serious consideration and focus on your goals, acts and thoughts, you might not change the whole World but your own one for sure! 

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