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How to Create a Reading Corner?

What is the purpose of a reading corner?

Fortunately, there are still many of us who find joy in reading. Reading is not only a great form of relaxation but also helps improve our memory, language skills, and imagination. Additionally, it aids in reducing stress and anxiety. Furthermore, our favorite book provides a refuge after a long and tiring day, allowing us to unwind and recharge. Reading is a form of escape from the mundane everyday life, helping us rejuvenate and face problems and daily challenges with a sense of calm and composure.

Creating a peaceful environment for reading

A reading corner can be set up anywhere in the house, but it is important to ensure adequate lighting for reading. The ideal solution is to position the reading corner near a window, allowing natural light to illuminate the area without straining our eyes.

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reading corner

If we are not fortunate enough to have a reading corner near a window, we need to pay attention to selecting proper lighting. A reading lamp may not always be sufficient, especially if it doesn’t provide enough light. It is advisable to incorporate multiple light sources in the reading corner, such as floor lamps or wall-mounted lamps, ensuring the brightness is appropriate and the light resembles natural daylight, minimizing long-term strain on our eyes.

Comfort in the reading corner

Whether it’s your favorite armchair or a soft, two-seater sofa, the key is to be comfortably seated for reading. When choosing seating furniture, such as a sofa or armchair, it is important that it adequately supports the spine. Regardless of how comfortable the seating is, if we experience back or lumbar pain after reading, it detracts from the pleasant experience.

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Fresh air and ventilation

There should be a window or ventilation near the reading corner to allow fresh air into the room. Staying in a stale, poorly ventilated space makes it more difficult to concentrate and is also unhealthy for our bodies.


Feel free to decorate the reading corner with pictures, plants, or scented candles, but avoid overdoing it. Using too many and excessively colorful decorations can distract from the act of reading. Vibrant, bright colors and flashy interior design elements are not suitable for a reading corner. Choose cozy yet subtle decorations that create a pleasant atmosphere in the reading corner without becoming overwhelming or disruptive.

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