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Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Choose a comfortable, larger armchair instead of a sofa

A larger sofa takes up too much space in the room. If you choose a larger armchair, you will be able to read or relax comfortably, while the armchair does not take up half the room. If you have very little space, you should consider getting stackable chairs or small seats so that you can offer them a seat when guests arrive.


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Visually increase the space with paint

Instead of painting the walls in a traditional single color, think in a horizontal pattern. This will make the ceiling seem higher and you will not feel as if you are in a small and narrow room.

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Create a serving opening from the kitchen to the living room

By cutting a simple rectangular opening between the living room and the kitchen, both spaces appear larger and allow more light to flow from one room to the other. In addition, you can easily serve food from the kitchen, for example, when guests arrive, since you don’t have to constantly run between the kitchen and the living room with the plates.

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Replace small windows with larger ones

Nothing expands a space like natural light. If possible, replace one of the walls with floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in more light and create a brighter atmosphere. If you have the opportunity, adding a few plants in front of the window, even in pots, can make the living room feel more connected to nature.

large windows in living room

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Choose storage furniture with a small footprint

Opt for furniture pieces that have a small footprint. A ladder shelf against a wall can hold aesthetically pleasing cardboard boxes, allowing for storage of numerous small items without taking up too much space.


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Save space with wall-mounted lights

Replace floor lamps with wall mounted lamps as they take up much less space and are out of the way. With wall lamps, we can create much better lighting conditions than with floor lamps. It is also easier, for example, to light a reading corner or a working corner.

wall lamps in living room

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Choose light wall colors

Dark, deep colors visually narrow the space, so it is advisable to use lighter shades. White, beige or pale pastel colors can all help create the illusion of a larger space.

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