Let’s Decorate with Yellow – Bring Joy to Your Home!

Some people think that yellow is the color of envy, but yellow is actually an energetic, cheerful and fresh color that brings joy and cheerfulness to any home. Yellow energizes us, improves our mood and helps reduce stress and tension caused by worries.

The color yellow has recently received a lot of attention in interior design, but we must not forget that excessive use of the color is also not advisable. If, for example, we use too much yellow in the bedroom or in the reading corner, we cannot really relax after a tiring day, because the intense color constantly strains our eyes.

Where is the balance? How to use yellow to decorate?

Using the color yellow

The use of the color yellow largely depends on the end result we want to achieve. If we simply want to liven up a boring interior, then a few small decorative accessories are enough, such as a yellow vase, some decorative cushion covers, or a few bouquets of yellow-orange flowers. We can safely use true-to-life silk flowers, which do not wither quickly, so they can be beautiful decorations for our home for a very long time.





We can use pots or pots painted yellow for cacti or small plants placed next to the window or on the balcony, bringing a bit of fresh color to the room.



If we want to decorate a larger surface, a yellow bedspread or sofa set is a good choice, and the curtains can be changed to yellow.




The smaller, yellow furniture changes the atmosphere of the room a lot.




And if you want a bigger change, feel free to paint one wall of the room with the shade of yellow you like. If you want to paint the whole room yellow, use a lighter shade to avoid a too bright, vivid effect.

Images: Canva Pro

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