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After reading the Guide and using the Planner that comes with it, you can plan exactly what and how you want to transform or change in your home to create the most ideal atmosphere for you. Planning and implementing will not be a chore for you, but an enjoyable creative activity.

The Dreamhome Guide is a digital product [Ebook], in PDF format.

Product Details

Content: chapters of the Dreamhome Guide

Chapter “A”

Principles of interior design and decoration.

  • Functionality of the space and how it can be used.
  • Storage + organisation tips and solutions.
  • Choosing furniture, lighting, carpets, wall decorations : learn how to choose the utensils and decorative objects that will fit perfectly in your home.
  • Principles of sustainable interior design.

Chapter “B”

Psychology of colors

Learn how the colors you use in your home affect your mood and how to choose the right colors for your home.

Chapter “C”

Popular interior design trends and styles

Learn about the most popular interior design trends and styles. [ Vintage, Retro, Shabby chic, Farmhouse, Boho, Eclectic, Industrial, Art Deco, Mediterranean, Beach, Scandinavian, Minimalist, Contemporary ]

Chapter “D”

Filling in instructions for the Planner

Step by step guide for the Dreamhome Planner: how to create your perfect home.

What the product contains

Dreamhome Guide – Your Guide to a Perfect Home

  • PDF file, which you will receive by email after purchase and can download.
  • The Dreamhome Guide is 190 pages long.
  • It is a text document with color pictures.

+ Dreamhome Planner – Step by Step

  • PDF file, which you will receive by email after purchase and can download.
  • It can be printed and filled in. The planner is 16 pages long.
  • The planner is available in the following sizes: A4, A5, Us Letter, US Half Letter. After purchase you will receive a download link for all four sizes by email.
  • After purchase, You can also download a printer-friendly version of the planner: this version does not use much ink when printing.

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