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Simple Wall Decoration Ideas

Decorating the wall may seem like a simple task, but when you actually get down to it, you’ll realize that the ideas that seemed good at first may not necessarily look as great in reality. Here are a few simple ideas to decorate your wall, allowing you to easily change the decor according to your taste.

Hats on the wall

Why not?! Hanging decorative plates on the wall used to be a huge trend not too long ago, but nowadays, you rarely come across them. The latest trend is to hang hats made of natural materials or placemats on the wall instead of plates. If you enjoy natural-inspired decor and it fits your home’s style, go ahead and give it a try!

hats on the wall


Plates on the wall

You can replace old patterned plates with modern, sophisticated ones, or vice versa: choose classic patterned plates or even unique custom-made pieces. Additionally, framed canvas pieces with various embroidered patterns can be quite eye-catching and can be quickly made by yourself. If you like textiles, you can also hang embroidered frames decorated with different patterns on the wall, but make sure to consider color harmony.

plates on the wall

Lots of drawings

If you enjoy drawing, feel free to decorate the wall with your artwork, either by using pushpins or a small amount of adhesive to secure them. If you prefer not to cover the wall with a multitude of pushpins, consider getting a large corkboard where you can freely display your drawings.


Shelves with picture frames

If you don’t want to nail the wall but still love wall art, install one or two narrow shelves on the wall. This way, you can change the decorations on the shelves anytime according to your preference or even seasonally.

shelves with pictures


Macrame has made a comeback, whether it’s in the form of dreamcatchers or wall hangings. If you enjoy being creative, you can make your own macramé wall hanging, but there are also numerous craft stores where you can purchase stunning pieces.

macrame on the wall

Metal wall shelf

In addition to traditional wall shelves, display shelves with various metal frame designs have become trendy. These stylish shelves can look great on the wall even without being cluttered with decorations. Just a few small items are enough to complete the look.

metal wall shelf

Paper Flowers

Create different-sized paper flowers and attach them to the wall using removable adhesive or pushpins. You can find various tutorials and instructions online to help you make paper flowers.

paperflower on the wall

Moss on the wall

You can create a preserved moss decoration or purchase one from specialized craft stores. Preserved moss requires no care and looks fantastic on the wall, instantly becoming the centerpiece of the room.


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