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Time schedule and to-do list – How to prepare and use it?

The to-do list is a task list on a piece of paper, as its name suggests. Some use paper, some prefer to  type it up on an excel sheet. I’m more of a paper type of person. It is easier to see all my tasks on one sheet and it is really satisfying to check all the completed tasks with a nice looking pen. 

It is important to avoid memorizing it all because it easily generates a huge information chaos and gets harder and harder every day to remember anything at all.

Advantages of the to-do list:

  • helps to priorities
  • helps to focus on the more important tasks 
  • reminds us about the smaller tasks 
  • no need to remember everything, so our mind can chill for a change
  • helps to keep up the productivity, as every check feels so satisfying 
  • it is motivational, as we can look back in the past and realize, how productive actually we are

Easy time schedule, aka write a to-do list

The following list might be a great support for the to-do list: 

Max 3 importants per day 
Do not plan more than 3 important tasks for 1 day. It might be frustrating to realize that you are not omnipotent and unable to finish up all the plans. 

It is one thing to list up the tasks. Setting up an order is another one.  The things that enjoy priority should go to the top of your list and all the others can go underneath. Solve the first ones first, then the less important ones. 

Add your programs to that list too
The list should not only focus on your tasks but the daily programs as well, so you can see all in one and it’s easier to plan. 

The list should contain only specified tasks, such as “cleaning the hob” instead of just “cleaning”. It will help to plan on timewise. 

Break down the big jobs 
No, I’m not talking about eating a family size pizza! 🙂

It is about big tasks that seemingly take too much time and energy to complete. These tasks need to be split into small tasks and spread over to more days. You can do more types of subtasks in one day and it will give you an illusion that you have done more in one day. Completing subtasks will fill you up with satisfaction and encouragement to complete the rest of them. This will make the whole process much easier and enjoyable. 

Sensible planning 
The to-do list is for spreading the tasks sensibly and not to fill up the planner spectacularly. Sensible planning means a realistic time schedule too. Do not throw a few hour long task to the end of your list and be surprised when you have no time left from the 24 hours to check it. 

Set home working hours 
It might sound interesting at your own home in your own time but you don’t spend 24 hours at work either, do you?  So, don’t over plan your day. Definitely skip tasks before 7:00 am and after 7:00 pm unless it is a pleasure you must do. 🙂 Never do house work or home office after 7:00 pm otherwise your private life gets it, you get over tired. You need rest too, Iron lady! 

“I don’t want to do anything” days
All of us have bad days when we have no motivation to do anything at all. If you get up under one of these Suns, no worries! Simply reorganize your planner a little bit to take off some heavy duties from your shoulder. Push those heavy loads to another day and get rid of the easy ones. It will ease up your “I don’t want to do anything” day without guilt. Also, you won’t build the tasks up for the rest of the week.

How to write the to-do list?

It depends on what form of list is closer to your style. If you are a scribbler, make a daily/weekly/monthly to-do list on paper. You can even decorate it to make it look prettier. 

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