instead of a door

What Should go in Place of the Door?

During apartment renovations, it often happens that we move a door or eliminate it altogether. Eliminated doors are usually walled up, but sometimes the complete walling-up is omitted. Typically, the space is repurposed as a closet with built-in shelves, but in this short article, we’re bringing you an idea that can come in handy if, for some reason, you couldn’t or didn’t want to use it as a closet.

If there is a narrow recess left in place of the door, it may not be worth cramming it with shelves since it won’t accommodate a closet door, and the shelves might not look good in every room. If you have created a subdued-styled space but are bothered by what to do with the door’s place, instead of hiding it, highlight it within its surroundings!


instead of a door


Make sure that the color you choose for the door’s place harmonizes well with the original color of the wall. If the wall color is light, the door’s place can be a darker shade, and if the wall color is darker, the door’s place can be lighter. The key is for the two colors to contrast and stand out from each other while overall harmonizing.

If you’re uncertain about using a smaller window frame, you can apply the same method there too. And if you don’t want to use different colors, you can optically divert attention to the door/window area. Instead of filling it with shelves, confidently decorate it: hang a wall painting or create a garland according to the season or the style of the apartment.




The essence is that you don’t have to hide or fill up the space of doors and windows at all costs; you can confidently highlight them with decorations.

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